"Emerald by day, Ruby by night" because it actually changes color. It is green or blueish-green in the
daylight and it is raspberry or purpleish-red in incandescent light. Many specimens of Alexandrite
have a strong "Cats Eye" effect, making the color change even more dramatic.
Alexandrite is extremely rare, and therefore, extremely valuable. Alexandrite is so very rare because
of its chemical makeup. It can only form when aluminum and beryllium combine with trace elements
such as titanium, iron, and chromium. The chromium is the magical ingredient that causes the color
change. So in order to make Alexandrite, the exact elements have to come together at the same time
in perfect conditions.
It was first discovered in Russia. Now it is found in Sri Lanka, Madagascar, and India. The
Smithsonian holds the largest Russian faceted Alexandrite, weighting in at a whopping 66 carats.
A stone of luck. A stone of prophetics. Alexandrite eases prophecy and is used as a tool for visions. It
promotes a feeling of peacefulness and harmonizes all portions of the body. Alexandrite physically and
mentally aids the heart and enables a softer connection with spiritual guides and the universe.