Garnet has been used
for centuries as a
protective healing stone.
It's said to promote
good health, boost
self-confidence, and
balance ones energies.
Garnets are known for
their red color that
brings serenity and
passion to a
relationship. They are a
symbol of friendship, a
good luck charm for
love and business
relationships, and an
aid in letting of old
behavior. Garnets can
be found in a variety of
colors including green,
orange, and yellow. My
favorite is Hessonite
Garnet, also known as
"Root Beer Garnet" or
"Cinnamon Garnet".  It
brings success in
self-initiated business
endeavors, opens
intuition, and soothes
emotional agitation. It
protects against evil
and enemies, making it
good to wear when
going into battle.