Peridot is also known as
Chrysolite and Olivine and is
generally green in color, though
the shades and hues vary greatly.
 It is quite common and found
worldwide.  The first Peridot was
discovered in Egypt, but today
most of the Peridot we see is
from China, Pakistan, Myanmar,
and Arizona.
Peridot has a highly positive
energy.  It is used to understand
how our relationships form the
path that is our life.  It clarifies
interactions with others and
strengthens the heart.   It is a
very powerful protection stone
and is helpful for traumatic
emotional and physical situations.
Peridot is also a powerful
cleanser.  It releases negativity by
alleviating jealousy, resentment,
irritation, hatred, and greed.   By
doing this, it encourages growth
and change through confidence,
especially in new relationships.   
It strengthens the immune
system and removes physical
exhaustion by releasing toxins in
the body.  It aids in functions of
the heart, lungs, and skin.  It also
improves vision.  Peridot provides
deep healing to the entire body
and is especially useful for those
who have recently had surgery or
had other physical trauma.