The Stone of Love and Balance

Rhodochrosite is the official Colorado state mineral.  
The largest known Colorado specimen was found in
1992 at the Sweet Home Mine near Alma,
Colorado.  This whopping 4.25”, described as a
“rhombi of translucent, deep red, gem-quality
rhodochrosite” reportedly sold for $1,000,000 and
is now displayed at the Museum of Natural History
in Denver.
It was given the name “Alma King” and many
experts acclaim the Alma King as the finest and
most valuable mineral specimen ever mined in North
America. Some rank it with the best ever mined in
the world.--- Steve Voynick

Rhodochrosite balances and enhances love on all
levels. It allows a fuller love to enter one's life. It
balances the mental and emotional processes and
encourages emotional healing.  It tames inner
conflicts and, therefore, is said to be a stone of
freedom. It brings a deep sense of happiness and
relief from ongoing stress.  Rhodochrosite stimulates
the inner child and brings a childlike joy into daily